Pre -construction service:

Innovative and creative problem solving is one of the most valuable assets that a construction company can provide – and it can only be done with years of experience delivering successful projects. Avcan has had the privilege to partner with a wide range of companies; we are known for delivering unmatched quality and reaching milestones of fast-track projects in the industry.

Avcan experienced team has been a great asset for many clients during the pre-construction phase of their project. Assisting clients with project feasibility analysis, market research, definition of the project scope, and support of the overall development. This proactive, team player approach helps our clients successfully plan a smooth completion of their projects.

New Design service:

The Avcan team brings significant value to clients by being able to engage with developers, architects and building owners right from the planning phase of the project. The Avcan team taps into their knowledgebase and experience, and brings valuable insights that make the design/build process more effective and efficient. With involvement in the early phase of a project, the Avcan team is able to provide innovative value engineering with product options that help not only in realizing the desired design vision, but also in bringing innovative solutions that add to the aesthetics, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency of the overall project

Residential and commercial construction projects:

Avcan is dedicated to perfection and safety throughout the whole construction process. We place significant importance in compiling a team with strong relevant experience that complete the construction project at hand successfully, and above all, with a relentless focus on collaboration and team work.Avcan do what it takes to maintain the schedule milestones.