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About Us

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Avcan Construction brings a high level of professionalism, quality of execution and teamwork to every one of their projects, which is the direct result of the personal attention provided by senior management to our clients. Avcan Construction is a leading force in the Ontario construction market. We specialize in commercial, industrial and residential projects. We are a team of highly experienced and skilled subcontractors, and a specialized design team. The relationship we share with our Architect and our Engineers enable us to quickly track and manage any project from start to finish.

Science of Building

We leverage cutting-edge technologies.

Engineering Marvels

We leverage cutting-edge technologies.

Specialization across Sectors

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of construction including commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Whether it's a
modern commercial complex in the heart of Toronto, an efficient
industrial facility in Alberta, or a bespoke residential build in
Vancouver, Avcan Construction has the versatility and experience
to bring diverse projects to successful completion.


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One of our key strengths lies in our collaborative approach. We boast strong relationships with top-notch architects and engineers, enabling us to streamline project timelines and tackle any challenge head-on. This synergy not merely accelerates the construction process but ensures the end result is in perfect harmony with our client’s vision and objectives.