New Builds (Commercial and Residential project)

With our involvement, early on in a new build project, we can take budgetary obligations into consideration for the project to ensure it is brought in on time and on budget, while ensuring that this contributes to the overall success of the project.

Construction Management

With our entrance into the process at the earliest stage of planning, we provide ‘value engineering’, to allow the project to meet budgetary obligations in the development of each project.  We assume ownership of, and responsibility for these obligations, providing innovative and cost effective solutions, contributing to the success and quality of every project.

Design / Build

Avcan Construction has the resources and experience to handle any business project successfully.  Our unique design/build process is successful through sequential tendering and putting components of the projects out to bid concurrently with drawing completion.  This process is successfully based on the loyalty and trust earned with clients and workers alike. At Avcan Construction we offer clients with a full service building contractor capable of innovative thinking, who always gets the job done on time and at a competitive price.


Avcan Construction has been extensively involved in renovations to many projects including Malls that have come in on time or ahead of time LEED.